Research, Development and Extension

One of AgLink’s key core values is the provision of quality service and technical expertise, helping growers deliver productivity and quality gains in competitive agricultural markets.

AgLink members invest in and deliver outcomes from two specialised groups – the Research, Development and Extension group and the Innovation and Technology Working group. Both groups consist of highly skilled and experienced people from member businesses who cover all major agricultural regions in Australia, encompassing winter and summer cropping, cotton, temperate and tropical horticulture, tree crops and vines, pasture in Northern and Southern Australia, and sugar cane production.

The Innovation and Technology Working Group works closely with technology suppliers both locally and overseas to seek out opportunities that will provide solutions and generate value for AgLink members and their growers.

During 2014-2015 AgLink members conducted 160 field days, crop walks and information updates for growers from an estimated 380 trials, demonstrations and industry related projects at four purpose ‘small plot’ and technical trial sites in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. When added to numerous other ‘site specific’ demonstrations and collaborative projects across Australia, the total investment is more than $1 million.