Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) and Horticultural Development Group (HDG)

Innovation has underpinned AgLink Australia and its members success over many years. The group have a strong focus on innovation and introducing new technology to its farmer customers as a way of improving productivity and profitability.

AgLink Australia and its members are actively involved in Research and Development programs with key partner suppliers in crop protection, seed and nutrition, who have a focus on commercialising new technology in the Australian market.

In both broadacre (RD&E) and horticulture (HDG), the group work with our key suppliers, member agronomists and their grower clients to evaluate and understand new products and technologies prior to their introduction to the market with the aim of ensuring maximum value is gained from these advancements.

A significant part of this is the groups significant technical expertise and the capacity to undertake in field trial work, conducted under strict protocol, delivering a high-quality research data to our partner suppliers. Collectively the group undertake over 60 trials each year on a range of crops across key geographic locations throughout the country. The trials are conducted through a combination of dedicated research agronomists and the broader agronomy network ensuring the trails are of a very high standard while maintaining real-world relevance.

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“The RD&E/HDG groups are critical in maintaining our relevance to both growers and suppliers. If we are not adding value in this way then part of our “reason for being” has to be questioned. Our purpose as a distributor is not just to sell but to promote, demonstrate and educate growers on building a more profitable business through the adoption of new techniques and technology.”
– Greg Linsdell – E.E. Muir & Sons

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