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AgLink is an umbrella organisation for a group of 22 independent rural merchandise shareholders. Our members operate Australia-wide in agricultural sectors including agricultural chemicals, fertilizer and horticulture.

AgLink provides a wide variety of services to its shareholder members including:

  • Facilitation of commercial supply arrangements and partnerships between members and suppliers.
  • Collective negotiation and procurement of select agricultural chemicals, animal health products, seed and general merchandise.
  • Technical liaison and facilitation between members and suppliers.
  • Facilitation of Agronomy Forums, which bring together the members’ 300+ qualified agronomists.
  • Facilitation of Skills Academies, which provide a range of education and training courses for both professional and personal development of members’ staff.
  • Networking opportunities for members to share experiences and expertise.
  • International liaison through contacts and the arranging of overseas study trips.
  • Facilitation of employment through links with tertiary agricultural universities and colleges.

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