“Our Barooga AGpack agronomy site and other trial sites are an important resource to the IK Caldwell agronomy team and fee-for-service clients, because they are a great platform for testing and exploring new products and concepts. The sites are an essential education tool for not only our young agronomists but also the experienced members of our team. Our R&D commitment also allows for rapid acceptance of new products and varieties as they are released onto the market due to growers and agronomists being already comfortable with their performance, use patterns etc. We see this activity as vital in differentiating our offer in the market place and continuing to ensure our agronomy team is the best skilled in the business.”

Leanne BlomeleyIK Caldwell

“This validates our quality of advice and confirms our own statistical view on the value of the new technology. The demonstration was hands on and gave us a good feel of new products and where to position them. It was a good training ground for young agros, and gave us an opportunity to network ideas and share outcomes.”

Matt McRaeAVS

“Critical in maintaining our relevance to both growers and suppliers. If we are not adding value in this way then part of our “reason for being” has to be questioned. Our purpose as a distributor is not just to sell but to promote, demonstrate and educate growers on building a more profitable business through the adoption of new techniques and technology.”

Greg LinsdellEEM

“At cutting edge. Agros and growers can see new products early, reducing the lag time to maximise the opportunities after the product is registered.”

Peter JollyJOLPAC

“These trials are important to our business as we like to be at the forefront of the adoption of new chemistries, and like to see how they perform locally. Dow’s Paradigm is a good example where local trials have translated into significant sales this season.”

Mick KerinKerin Agencies

“We believe that with the advent of distribution focusing on agency it is important to become the driver of new technologies. This obviously sets us apart from our competitors when pricing is comparable. We believe our technical ability places us ahead of our competitors. Our clients recognise this as well.”

Greg SchubertFarmer Johns

“Increases our value proposition to customers by improving their operations. Increases our value proposition to suppliers by giving them an avenue to sell their wares in a practical setting. Improves our staff knowledge and retention by giving our agronomy team interesting projects to throw themselves into.”

Josh McGregorMGAS

“Industry and growers view SAg as a leader in supplying new technologies and innovation, so we must demonstrate this with strategic field days, R&D projects and key industry presentations.”

Graeme PalmerServe Ag

“We need to be leaders in new products and understand and capitalise on market penetration as early as possible for our business and growers.”

Gavin BatinicPHR

“We need to ensure that our people and our clients are exposed to the best independent information and research. We test things so our growers do not have to be guinea pigs. We need to ensure that if one of our growers hears about a new product or technology that we have tested it or will test it. We need to know. We cannot continue to rely on supply companies for all the information. Our clients rely on us to have the answers. We need these answers to be independent, local and peer reviewed.”

Kent WoodingNorth West Ag / Agrivision

“It is a good learning exercise and also creates the perception that our knowledge is up to date and proven, so farmers are more likely to come to us and trust us with decisions.”

David RyanRichardson’s

“It is very important that we are seen to be actively pursuing new things for growers.”

Mike LaidlawHarberger’s